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Bringing Equipment Into Brazil For Your Film Shoot

Brazil is a full signatory of the Istanbul convention, which established the Ata Carnet system, so this is an option for those bringing equipment into Brazil as checked luggage.


Or, what you can also do, is fill out a Brazilian form called the EDBV, an Electronic Declaration of Traveler’s goods, which is available on the local customs and tax authority website.


The Ata Carnet

ATA is an acronym created from the French and English phrases Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission. A Carnet or ATA Carnet (pronounced kar-nay) is an international customs and temporary export-import document. The ATA Carnet is branded as the passport for goods. It is used to clear customs in more than 70 countries and territories without paying duties and import taxes on merchandise that will be re-exported within 12 months.


How the ATA Carnet works:

Those wishing to utilize the system apply for the document in their home country with the adequate information, itinerary, and destination for the subject goods. More than one country may be included on the itinerary which allows for temporarily imported goods to go from country to country without having to be returned to the home country and exported again under a new ATA Carnet.


The ATA Carnet is a lot simpler, faster and more cost-effective method for temporary importation of goods into a country. To obtain the document, the proper paperwork must be filled, and fees paid. Then, a form of collateral is put into place, normally a bond, and is used to insure compliance of the terms and conditions set forth by the ATA Carnet governing body, the ICC. The collateral is returned or cancelled once the goods have re-entered the country of origin, all terms and conditions have been met, and any claims made by foreign governments have been resolved.


How to obtain the ATA Carnet?

On the International Chamber of Commerce´s website, you will find the full list of countries where ATA carnet is in force as well as the contact of the respective chamber of commerce where the document can be issued.


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